KS3. Data

Handling data is a little bit different to the other parts of mathematics, because it is a more practical and less theoretical subject, at least it is at this level of study.

We can understand data by thinking of it as a cycle that we follow when we want to improve our knowledge about reality. We work through the following stages and then when we finish them we go back to the start:

  • 1.) Collect data;
  • 2.) Present data;
  • 3.) Summarise data / calculate statistics;
  • 4.) Analyse data.

Based on our results from stage 4, we may want to collect some more data and so we go back to stage 1.

Within this overall topic, we also look at probability, which is really a completely distinct area of mathematics, most closely related to counting (or combinatorics), but for know we treat this within our data topic.

We will study our data cycle through the following topics:

Now would be a good time to stop and test your knowledge (section 8 above has a lot of practice questions that you could use for revision) before continuing further.


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