KS4. Algebra & Graphs

Sequences 1Simultaneous equations 1: LinearAlgebraic Fractions
Solving equationsExpanding bracketsFunctions
Word problemsFactorisingMore Functions
Drawing graphsChanging subject of formulaDirect & Inverse Variation
Straight line graphsInterpreting graphsIndex Rules
Length, midpoint & gradientDifference of Two SquaresInequalities
Graphic solutionsQuadratic EquationsLinear Programming
Sequences 2: n’th termSimultaneous Equations 2: NonlinearDifferentiation

Now that we have moved up a level from key stage 3 to key stage 4, algebra becomes the most central part of mathematics, replacing number as being the topic where we will develop the most. Although, as you know, they are in many ways the same topic – algebra is a more general form of number, where instead of doing calculations with numbers, we do calculations with letters, knowing that each of these letters can be used to represent different numbers.

We combine our study of algebra with a study of graphs, or cartesian geometry, which is the special way in which we relate algebra to geometry. We will often alternate between talking about points with an x-coordinate and a y-coordinate and equations that relate x and y.

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