y9. Algebra

We will split our study of algebra into four main areas:

Expressions & FormulaeEquations & InequalitiesFunctions & SequencesQuadratic Equations
Indices rulesSolving linear equationsLinear FunctionsGraphs of quadratic equations
Collecting like termsWord problemsGraphical Solution to Simultaneous EquationsExpanding two brackets
Expanding bracketsLinear inequalitiesLinear graphs: y=mx+cDifference between two squares
Factorising expressionsSimultaneous equationsParallel and Perpendicular LinesFactorising quadratic expressions
Algebraic fractionsTrial and improvementDirect ProportionSolving quadratic equations
Substituting into expressionsGeneral practiceInverse of a FunctionWord problems;
Changing subject of formulaSequencesGeneral Practice
General practice General Practice

As we move from year 8 to year 9, algebra replaces number as being the central topic in mathematics. More and more, we need to start using the tools we have learned to manipulate numbers and apply them to “letters”, that is we use them in a more general form, which is of course much more efficient.

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