KS3. Year 9

Just like in year 8, we choose to split mathematics up into 4 topic areas during this year, namely:

1.) Number;

2.) Algebra & Graphs;

3.) Data;

4.) Shape & Space.

It is worth remembering though that there are common features which connect all four of these areas. You should be able to notice these more and more as we break the topics down into subtopics. For instance, when we are analysing graphs, do we always use algebra, or do we sometimes use things that we have learned in “shape & space”. And can we use our understanding of graphs to help us when working with “data”?

As well as the “Cambridge curriculum” core material featured above, you may find it interesting and useful to work through relevant mathematics competition questions. These tend to cover more interesting parts of mathematics and can sometimes be quite challenging! 😁

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