y9. Shape & Space

Shapes and measurementClassical geometryTransformational geometryArea, Perimeter & Volume
Maps and scale drawingsPythagoras’ TheoremRotationsVolume of prisms & cylinders
BearingsTesselations (class discussion)ReflectionsSurface area of prisms and cylinders
Area (units)Loci (pair of compasses needed)EnlargementsCombined Practice
Volume (units)Consolidation and practiceDescribing Transformations
Compound measuresCombining Transformations
Real life graphsCombined Practice

A lot of our time in key stage 3 is spent working with number and algebra. But there is another topic in mathematics, which historically was more important than algebra, and remains of huge importance within mathematics. Whilst it has quite a lot in common, the skills we learn in this topic can be quite different, and it is not unusual for some students to be really good in this topic and not so good in algebra, or really good in algebra and not so good in this topic.

For now, we will call this topic shape and space because we are investigating those things and learning more about their properties.

We break our “shape and space” topic up into the above areas.

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