KS4. Number

1. Arithmetic & Basic Properties2. Percentages, Ratio, Approximations3. Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Further Approximations4. Indices, Roots, Negatives, Substituting into Formulae
Place valueInterestPercentage changePowers and roots
Written ArithmeticFocus on Compound InterestFractions, ratios, decimals and percentagesStandard form
Long division and word problemsMap scales and ratiosEstimatingFractions
Inverse operationsProportion & Exchange RateErrors in measurementSubstituting into formulae
Decimals, reading a measuring scale and arithmetic with decimalsRatio & Proportion Practice QuestionsCalculations with estimatesCombined questions (part 4)
Negative numbersFocus on Direct & Inverse ProportionCombined practice (part 3)
Properties of numbers & BODMASSpeed, distance and time
TimeMetric Units
PercentagesCombined Exercise (parts 1 and 2)
By Tekla Zurashvili (BIST – 9Z)

Although algebra starts to play a much larger role as we approach the iGCSE qualification, refining and developing our skills in manipulating numbers remains a crucial part of mathematics.

We will split our number topics into four sections. In addition to these four sections, it is always valuable to keep our mental arithmetic skills sharp. Here we have seven practice tests – the idea on these is to complete them quickly without making any notes as quickly as possible to sharpen our ability to quickly calculate and quickly interpret a word question. The time limit on each of these is 30 minutes.

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