y9. Algebra. B. Equations & Inequalities

We have already seen some equations when working with formulae.

An equation is a type of relationship, where we compare one expression with another expression. What are the other kinds of relationship you have met (in mathematics!)

When we talk about solving an equation, we mean finding the value of the variable (i.e. the letter) in the equation. If it has more than one variable we sometimes talk about e.g. solving for y to make clear which variable we are interested in.

Our study of equations and inequalities will be broken into the following topics:

1.) Solving linear equations;

2.) Constructing equations from word problems (and then solving them);

3.) Linear inequalities;

4.) Simultaneous equations (sometimes called systems of equations);

5.) Quadratic equations (using trial and improvement).

6.) General practice on equations and inequalities.

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