KS4. Trigonometry

BearingsApplying Trigonometric IdentitiesSine rule
Pythagoras’ Theorem3-dimensional problemsCosine rule
Trigonometry in Right-angled TrianglesApplying sine, cosine and tangent ratios to any angleArea of Triangle

General Trigonometry Practice

The word trigonometry literally means the study of triangles. At this stage, we will be mostly looking at triangles and their properties, but over the years the subject of trigonometry has grown to be a much broader study, generally using relationships between angles and sides in various shapes. At iGCSE we break the topic up in the following way.

Below, I have started to compiled some recent iGCSE questions from each of the 4 papers, core and extended. They each include the mark scheme and indicate which paper they were taken from.

Past paper questions

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