KS4. Transformations. Rotations

The second type of transformation we will study is rotation. With this transformation we need to give a little bit more information to fully define the transformation.

We must specify:

  • centre of rotation (i.e. the point that the shape is rotating around);
  • magnitude (the angle that is being rotated through);
  • direction (is the rotation clockwise or anticlockwise).

Let’s try rotating some shapes given this information:



Let’s complete exercises 3 and 4 on pages 183 and 184 of the core textbook:

The answers are below:

Now let’s try doing this the other way round, so we know the final position (the “image“) of the rotated shape, and we have to identify the centre of rotation, magnitude of rotation and direction of rotation.



Let’s complete the short exercise 5 on page 185 of the core textbook:

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