KS3. Algebra. 9. Plotting points

In order to study Coordinate Geometry, we need to get familiar with using graph paper and scales, and we need to be able to read coordinates and to mark points at given coordinates.

Let’s draw some axes on the graph paper above. Which direction does the x-axis go? Which direction does the y-axis go?

Let’s add on a scale. We will let 1cm represent 20 units on our scale. What will one of the (very) small steps on our scale represent?

Now let’s plot some points on it.

Now let’s read the coordinates of some points that our teacher marks on it.

Shall we try again with a different scale, for instance letting 1cm represent 5 units?


Now let’s complete exercise 11A from pages 159 to 160 of the textbook:

The answers are below:

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