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  • 9 December

    👉🏼How long is y in the diagram below? 👈🏼Estimate the value of 👆🏼A full water tank springs a leak, at the base, and loses 8% of its contents each minute. What percentage of water is lost over 5 minutes? 👇🏼(ax+1)(x-3)(x+b) = 2×3 – 3×2 – 8x – 3. Find a and b. 🖐🏼Ashok buys a…

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  • 9708A. 10 November

    1. What are the correct formulae for calculating average cost (AC) and average revenue (AR)? AC AR A B P x Q C D Key: MC = Marginal Cost, MR = Marginal Revenue, P = Price, Q = Quantity, TC = Total Cost, TR = Total Revenue 2. What is always present in monopolistic competition…

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  • iGCSE Number. Calculating with Estimates

    The approximations used in estimating numbers are compounded when calculations are done with those numbers. For instance, if we know that a = 5.2 to one decimal place and b = 1.3 to one decimal place, then the range for the sum c=a+b can be from 5.15+1.25 through to 5.25+1.35, i.e. 6.4 ⩽ c <…

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  • #ED00H0 In defence of neuroscience

    Let me start by making clear that I am not a neuroscientist. Nor a psychologist.  I am a mathematics teacher whose formal studies of psychology, excluding a short paper on motivation during my PGCE year, don’t extend beyond A-level.   Nevertheless as a teacher, I maintain a keen interest in the findings from psychology that…

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