5 November

👉🏼To the nearest million, there are 1 million people living in Tbilisi. What is the greatest possible number of people that actually live in Tbilisi?

👈🏼Estimate \sqrt[4]{5000}

👆🏼Three identical regular pentagons are joined as shown below. Find y:

👇🏼The table below records the details of the lengths of fish caught in a lake:

Length (x cm)Frequency
0 < x ≤ 53
5 < x ≤ 1010
10 < x ≤ 1521
15 < x ≤ 204
20 < x ≤ 251

Show this information on a cumulative frequency graph (put length on the x-axis and frequency on the y-axis).

🖐🏼Write 2.1\dot{6}\dot{5} as a fraction

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