24 May

👉🏼Solve the inequality 5x ≤ x + 9 and specify the largest integer value of x that satisfies the inequality.

👈🏼There are 12 sweets in a bag. 7 are lemon and 5 are orange.
Two sweets are taken out of the bag, at
random, without replacement.
Find the probability that the two sweets
are the same flavour.

👆🏼Completely factorise 100x – x3

👇🏼 ξ is the set of even numbers from 1 to 400
O = {odd numbers}
P = {prime numbers}
C = {cube numbers}
S = {square numbers}.

🖐🏼 Find how many numbers are in O ∪ P ∪ C ∪ S

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