22 May

🖐🏼 A regular polygon has interior angle 150°
How many sides does it have?

Bramley apples cost £4.60 for a 3kg bag at Supervalue supermarket.
The same type of apples cost £11.40 for a 7.5kg bag at Niton’s supermarket.

👉🏼 Where are the apples the best value
for money?

👈🏼 Make x the subject of y = \frac{x+7}{x-3}

Two solids are mathematically similar.
The surface area of the smaller solid is 42π cm²
The surface area of the larger solid is 1512π cm²

The height of the larger solid is 96cm.
👆🏼 Work out the height of the smaller solid.

w = \frac{ \sqrt[3]{y}}{r}

y = 1800 to 2 significant figures
r = 7.1 to 1 decimal place
👇🏼By considering bounds, work out the value of w to a suitable degree of accuracy

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