22 June

Masha asked 50 people which drink they liked from hot chocolate, tea and coffee.
37 people liked at least one of the drinks
7 people liked all three drinks
5 people liked tea and hot chocolate but
not coffee.
36 people liked coffee or hot chocolate (or
29 people liked tea or coffee (or both).
25 people liked hot chocolate.
23 people liked coffee.
9 people only liked coffee
Masha picks one person at random from the 50 people.

👉🏼Work out the probability that this person
likes tea.

👈🏼Given that the person selected likes tea,
find the probability that this person does
not like coffee or hot chocolate.

👆🏼A sphere has a diameter of 14cm.
Calculate the volume of the sphere, giving your answer to 1 decimal place.

👇🏼Expand and simplify (x+3)(x+2)(x+1)

🖐🏼Without using a calculator, find the value of ( \frac{125}{216}) ^ { \frac{-4}{3} } )

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