21 April

👆🏼Find y in the diagram below:

👇🏼The below diagram shows a square based pyramid with volume 270cm3. Find the length of the side marked x:

👉🏼Calculate y if √y = 5√6

👈🏼Arrange in descending order: 738,000, 9.4 x 10, 20 x 58.

🖐🏼Dasha is making fizzy orange by mixing
orange juice and lemonade in the
ratio: orange juice : lemonade = 3 : 5

She buys orange juice in 2 litre
containers, each costing £1.20 and lemonade in 3 litre containers, each costing £1.50.

She wants to sell the fizzy orange in
250ml bottles and to make a profit of
60% each bottle sold.

How much should she sell each bottle for (give your answer to the nearest penny)?

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