20 November

👉🏼Calculate 1 \frac{4}{5} \div 2 \frac{3}{4}

👈🏼A large bottle of lemonade is 18cm tall, whereas a small bottle is 12 cm tall. The bottles are mathematically similar. Lasha says that the small bottle contains two thirds the amount of lemonade of the large bottle? Is he right? Explain why.

👆🏼Expand and simplify (x-3)3

👇🏼Factorise x2+8x+16

🖐🏼There are 20 sweets in a box of which x are strawberry and the rest are orange. Pasha takes two sweets at random from the box. Find an expression in terms of x for the probability that Pasha takes two strawberry sweets.

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