13 December

👉🏼Sasha buys a car for £1400.
She sells it for £1850.
Work out her percentage profit.

👈🏼A bag contains red, white, green and
pink sweets.
The ratio of red sweets to pink sweets is
The ratio of white to green sweets is 2:9
The ratio of green to red sweets is 1:2

Work out the smallest possible number
of sweets in the bag.

👆🏼Simplify \frac{a^{\frac{1}{5}} \times a^{\frac{2}{3}}}{a^ \frac{3}{5}}

👇🏼Calculate the length of AB:

🖐🏼4 blue socks and 6 black socks are
in a drawer. Dasha takes out two socks at
Work out the probability that Dasha takes out two socks are different colours.

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